Little C: Fake Football is Ruining My Relationsihps

Hello readers, it's that time again. And sadly, no I'm not talking about the candy fueled run up to Halloween.

Somehow, once again, I've been pulled into doing the Fantasy (Fake) Football league at work. This year it got a little better in that I conned CT into doing it with me and now she's just as confused as I am. Except not really because she watches and enjoys football.

This is me constantly when someone tries to explain the points system. 

Football is just never going to be my sport. I'm a baseball girl at heart. Soccer if it's ManU. But both of those sports are non-contact (unless you're playing South American soccer in which case, there will be blood). Contact sports stress me out. So I've found that the best way I can handle being involved in any sort of football activity is to not ever really watch the games. I do all my dealings with the league through a phone app and treat it in my head like a reeeeeeeeeally long round of D&D. These are imaginary people with predetermined strengths and weaknesses and whether I win or not is entirely up to a roll of the dice. The other people in my league find this mindset irritating.

Mostly because I'm winning again.

I get a lot of this look

I'm not bragging, people. I'm confused too. It's the somewhat baffling truth of the world right now. I also won most of last year which nearly got me killed on several occasions. The people in my league take this very seriously. But despite me having no actual strategy (CT as well as several other members had color coded spread sheets at the draft...) I've won both my games so far this year and the email that our commissioner sent out this week said "Week 2 gave us all PTSD flashbacks from last year. Team Caitlin Hates Fairyland* gets high score for the week."

I'm choosing to take the PTSD thing as a compliment of sorts.

I'll let you know how the rest of the season turns out. Maybe the world will right itself and I will start to loose games to the rest of the teams that are run by people who know what they are doing. But I'm also starting to believe that when people say the thing about "The exception that proves the rule" that I MAY BE THAT EXCEPTION. Or maybe my Mage RB just cast a disarming spell on the Paladin Drew Brees. It could be either.

Go football!
Little C

*The team name changes every week. Last weeks was a reference to a comic that comes out in October that I've been excited about all year. Blog post forthcoming. 


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