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21st Day of (TV) Christmas: Single Parents

One of our favorite new shows this year has been Single Parents. We're not ashamed to admit that we started watching this show for Leighton Meester (CT) and Taran Killam (Little C). We didn't expect to fall deep in sitcom-y love with that cast of kids and Brad Garrett as every rich white dude stereotype possible. We absolutely love this show and it's just good timing that they had a holiday episode last week!

One of the things we love about this show is that it tends to tackle some of the stickier situations that come up when you have a split family with a shocking amount of charm and grace. One of the plotlines in this episode is about Will (Taran Killam) dealing with his absentee ex and co-parent. His character is an amazing, thoughtful parent who usually knocks gifts out of the park. We find out in this episode that he's let his daughter think that every year a "magic box" arrives from her mother with the most fantastic gifts while his gifts are lame. It f…

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