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Riot Girls

We talk a lot here on the blog about creative energy- we're big believers that in order to make something creative, you have to feed yourself with art. Art in, art out. Sometimes that means taking a break from working your way through a round of notes and watching a few episodes of Black Mirror. Sometimes it means seeing a concert or a play or picking up a new book. Especially when we feel stuck on a project, putting new art into our lives greases the wheels and gets us moving again.

Last Friday, we got invited to a screening of the new film Riot Girls by our amazing publicist friend. To say that it was the kind of art that gets the wheels moving again is a wild understatement.

If you don't know a thing about Riot Girls, here's the trailer to get you started:

The film was a super fun, stylish ride. It's dark and funny and weird in the best ways. I don't think the trailer does justice to the world-building on display here (and you know how nuts we are about some gre…

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