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Happy Wednesday readers,

I'm about to go off on another music rant, because tis the season for all my favorite musicians to unleash albums on the masses. I was going to do a whole post on one album and then I couldn't decide, so I'm covering two very different musical styles. Hang on readers, here we go...

Noah Gundersen- Carry the Ghost

We're a definitively pro-Noah household ever since I endlessly badgered everyone into listening to his music. The running joke around the house is "Caitlin, I've got this new musician. Have you heard of Noah Gundersen?" And then I flip them off and we laugh and laugh. Because I was right God Damnit.  Noah just released his latest album called "Carry the Ghost" and it's stunning. 

Here. Lemme make it easier for you.

The first song on Carry the Ghost (and the first song in the video. Hint hint people) is Slow Dancer. It's a weird mix of delicate and intense, and a great into to the album. The lyrics play on a theme he's focused on right now. What is real, and what is truth? Noah is an accomplished song writer, and with his second full length album he's showing off how much he's honed his skills as a producer. Slow Dancer hits a perfect emotional peak, with strings and guitar blending together in an intoxicating swell. The rest of the album is just as good, I promise. Highlights include Show Me the Light and Heartbreaker, but there are really no duds to be found. Anyone who like me needs some good heavy music as we head into fall and winter needs this CD in their life. Don't be like my roommates, people. Look into this guy the first chance you get. 

Against Me!- 23 Live Sex Acts

I don't even know where to start with this one, guys. A perfect mix of some of their old songs (Including the Sink Florida Sink which got me hooked on this band a decade ago) and their new hits, this is my favorite concert album of the year. And as we head into an election year where politics will most certainly exhaust and frustrate me to no ends, I'm grateful to always be able to count on punk music to be just as frustrated as I am. The band is heading to the studio at the end of this year to record a new record, and I cannot wait... 

The band is a force of nature when they play live, and this album really shows that off. They've put some of their softer stuff aside and focused on the songs that have a little more bite to them like I Was a Teenage Anarchist and True Trans Soul Rebel. My go to jam, Black Me Out, is clearly a crowd favorite, and there's power to listening to a crowd of people enjoy something just as much as you do. So if you are inclined to punk music, even a little, try a few of these in your rotation. 

Till next time readers, happy listening

Little C


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